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Standard Rates - Pat Testing

  • Call out charge £20
  • Per item cost £1.50
  • Fitting/refitting new plugs £2.00
  • Microwave testing : Standard charge

Fully Insured

Quantity discounts - Pat Testing

Evening and Weekend - by arrangement

Through the night ! - by arrangement

City and Guils Qualified

I am here to help anyone responsible for electrical equipment fulfil their obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Regulations and the Electricity at Work Regulations. and the latest Th edition amendment to the IEE Regulations!. If you have any special requirements I'm sure I can help. If testing needs to be done overnight with reasonable warning I can accomodate this.

Why PAT Test?

The electrical testing of portable appliances is an efficient way to ensure your organisation complies with the current Health & Safety legislation. The legislation states that your electrical equipment must be maintained so as not to cause danger within the workplace.
PAT Testing ensures that your insurance cover remains valid as all insurance companies will insist that you observe and comply with all current Health & Safety Legislation as a condition of your policy.

PAT TEST GUIDE (What you need to test?):

The Provision of Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998 requires that all Class I and Class II electrical appliances should be tested and inspected for electrical safety. The guide below provides examples of the types of equipment you need to test within your workplace.

S Stationary Equipment e.g. Fridges, dishwashers etc
IT Information technology equipment e.g. printers, monitors, hard drives etc
M Movable equipment e.g. microwaves, compressors, mobile A/C units etc
P Portable equipment e.g. kettles, fans, lamps, shredders etc
H Hand-held equipment e.g. electric drills, hair dryers, irons

Construction Industry a speciality

I have worked in the construction industry for the last 20 years and have supervisor status with the training boards

110 volt systems tested

A lot of construction equipment is 110 volts. My equipment tests both 230 and 110 volt systems

What do I do ?

First I carry out a visual inspection of the appliance casing, the cable and inside the plug. I then use a PAT tester to measure the earth continuity, the insulation resitance and verify the appliance operates correctly. I then either pass or fail the item

Most portable appliances pass no problem, but a significant number of portable appliances will have easily remedied faults. A loose terminal screw may cause overheating in the future and tightening the screw is often all that is required (no charge). Occasionaly the cord may be ill fitting and is remedied by refitting the plug or replacing with a new plug.

Where appliances fail then further investigation will be required and the item has to be marked failed and will be brought to your attention.

What equipment do I use ?

I use the Kewtech KT71
• Performs Earth bond at 200mA for IT appliances and high current 20A for all other appliances
• 250V / 500V insulation test voltages
• Run / leakage at 230V
• Single rotary dial position initiates test sequence
• Class I IT 200mA Earth Bond
• Class I 20A Earth Bond
• Class II
• Extension lead test – including polarity
• LED indication of pass / fail as well as a result display
• Automatic check if appliance is switched on or not
• Test 110V appliances for earth bond and insulation (with appropriate test adaptor).
• Tests in accordance with the IEE Code of Practice

Kewtech PAT tester

What happens when I've done the testing

I will issue you with an itemised list of the appliances I have tested on your premises confirming pass or fail status.
Each item will be clearly marked as having passed or failed the test.
I will keep your details and the individual items on record and contact you when the items need re-testing ( Generally 1-4 years {every 3 months with handheld portable appliances used in construction})

About Me

I have a City and Guilds certificate in Portable Appliance Testing, NVQ Level 3 (Joinery), City and Guilds Parts 1,2 and 3, CSCS Qualified

I have public liability insurance for £2 million Policy No AREXB 460297 (Copy on request )

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UK-PAT : The Directory of Portable Appliance Testers

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